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Yoga with Jodi

Joy-filled classes that blend physical postures(asanas), meditation and deep relaxation offering a fun and creative approach to increase flexibility, strength and inner peace. 

"Jodi is a light to her students. She is grounded and peaceful and her yoga teachings have been a wonderful and needed addition to my life" juila

"i can always let go and walk out the door after a class with a life lesson and a smile.  Jodi's sense of humour makes yoga fun. " maria

Class Schedule:  

Classes are by Registration, inquiries regarding drop in attendance, please click here

Mondays: 5:45pm and 7:30pm- contact regarding drop in

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 9:15am -10:30 am.  Space available for registration OR DROP IN    please contact Jodi for further details

Location:  Cooper Memorial Hall  7412 17th Avenue s.w.  Calgary FOR THE DAYTIME CLASSES.  THE EVENING CLASSES ARE AT ANOTHER LOCATION.  

Welcome to the spring session of  yoga.  The classes begin 

April 3 and continue to June 21.  There will not be classes April 30,  May 1,2,3.  I am so looking forward to sharing mat time with you. 



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